Target Summer Wonderpacks 

With the learnings from our Holiday Wonderpacks, the fact that millennials value experiences over product, we continued with wonderpacks through a summer addition. We added detailed booklets that come in each pack that highlight numerous other activities to fight those boredom days. Also, added a reusable branded tote and made sure the price point was below $25 to make it an easy decision to purchase. 

Creatively, we wanted to immerse the guest in these Wonderpack experiences. So we decided to put the guest right in the action. We used mini vignettes of first person POV videos to highlight the magic that happens in each pack. We brought in sound design and a musical track that we could rearrange the stems to allow a more personalized musical number for each wonderpack. This would make each of the spots feel like a family when seen together in the Facebook canvas ad. 


Summer Wonderpacks Facebook Canvas Ad unit

CD- Travis Robertson
ACD - Jon Baugh
AD/Designer - Myself
AD - Erin Furey
CW - Allie Grehen
CP - Laura Delmonico
MD - Nick Waldman
DP - Bo Hakala

Committee  - Production house